Softball Field Cake

This cake was made for my church’s softball team’s end of season picnic.  I had in mind to do a 14-inch square cake, but I don’t have any 14-inch square pans.  So I used 16-inch square pans instead.  After baking, the tops of the cakes were already pretty flat except for a bit of rounding around the edges.  So instead of using a leveler to take the tops off, I stacked the cakes and then carved off about 3/4 inch from each side.

The cake was filled with a strawberry butter cream filling.  I made that by taking my regular butter cream recipe and putting in some strawberry extract instead of vanilla extract.  It worked great and everyone liked it.  I covered it with some regular butter cream colored green.

To make the fences, I made a stiff royal icing and piped it onto wax paper.  I printed out patterns on the computer.  I tried it first with a number 1 tip for the fence and number 3 tip for the bars.  But the pieces broke too easily coming off of the wax paper.  So I switched to a number 2 and number 4 tip and it came off easier.  I still had to come up with inventive ways to remove the wax paper because, even with the large tip sizes, it was still breaking.  Fortunately, I made extra fence material.  You can see in the picture that one piece of fence was still broken.

The bases and pitching rubber are just fondant and the dirt is graham cracker crumbs mixed with table sugar.

Softball Cake

Banners on a cloudy sky

De asked me to make a cake for her son Jacob’s wedding shower/reception.  Jacob’s wedding was in Fulton, MO and many friends and family members would not be able to make the journey to attend the wedding.  To understand the concept behind this cake, you need to understand how Jacob proposed.  He hired a pilot to fly an airplane carrying a banner that said, “Gwendolyn, I love you.  Will you marry me?”  De’s first idea was to make a plane out of cake and it could have a banner behind it. Read more »

Vegas Sign Cake

My aunt asked me to make this one.  One of her coworkers was getting married in Las Vegas and so she and other coworkers threw a party for her before she left.  Her idea was to make a cake to look like the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Read more »

Truck Cake

This cake was for a 5-year-old’s birthday party.  I decided to have it look like it was sitting on the wheels with space beneath the body of the truck.  To do this, I used foam board and cut out the shape of the truck and set the cake on the foam board.  Then, beneath this board I placed four or five layers of foam board.  These layers were cut in a rectangle smaller than the cake base.  I taped them together and wrapped them in black construction paper. Read more »

Dragon Cake

This idea came to me after seeing baby dragon cakes.  I thought it was something I could probably pull off.  The monthly Boys’ Night Out at church was coming up and it seemed like a good enough excuse to make a cake. Read more »

Lamade Stadium Cake

This cake has been calling out to be made for months now.  My New Year’s Eve party gave me excuse enough to build it.  Howard J. Lamade Stadium is where they hold the Little League World Series every year in August.  I made a version of the stadium in cake. Read more »

Recruiter Badge Cake

I haven’t done a cake in a while and I mentioned it to Sue K. at church.  She mentioned that her son in law, Adam, recently won an award for top new recruiter for 2008 for his region.  Well, that sounds like a good enough reason for a cake.  And since Sue K. is a former professional baker, a collaboration was in order.  Adam’s wife, Erin, sent me a picture of a recruiter badge that he has and I figured I can make a cake out of that. Here’s what I started with:
Recruiter Badge
Recruiter Badge

Read more »

Fender Stratocaster Cake

So my sister called me up on Saturday asking if I would make a guitar cake for her stepson’s birthday.  He wanted a guitar cake and he wanted it to be red.  I thought about it for a bit and called her back to say I would do it and to get some details.  He wanted it to be a Fender Stratocaster and it needed to be done in a week.

Great. Read more »

S’mores… on a stick

S'more on a stick
S’more on a stick

So I got this idea from the Gertrude Hawk store at the local mall.  They had three marshmallows on a stick.  They were dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs.  They were pretty good and so I decided to try to make them myself.  My variation was slight: I went with only one marshmallow per stick and I used toothpicks as the sticks.  So here’s how I did it: Read more »

A cake experiment

So I saw this episode of one of Paula Deen’s shows on food network and she made this chocolate layer cake with a cheesecake filling.  Well, that just looked too good.  So I made one the other day. Read more »

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